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Instagram is a unique social media network that presents a great opportunity for businesses and organisations. But managing an Instagram account for your business effectively can be difficult, that’s where we come in. We are Instagram marketing pros.

MilkyWeb is specialist in Instagram marketing for businesses, we can help you grow your brand’s reach, following and engagement. We can help you reach your branding and marketing objectives through effective Instagram marketing.

Instagram is a mobile image and video based social media platform.

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Instagram Experts Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington & New Zealand

• Daily commitment to post often and respond to feedback
• Ability to analyze your social measurements, and target new posts based upon gathered information
• Ability to take engaging photographic and videographic content to share often
• Ability to follow and curate content from influential users
• Functional knowledge of advertising, branding, and marketing

Famous for the #selfies, it has now grown into a fun and intimate communication tool used by millions of people daily to share what they are doing, at that moment, hence the wordplay on Instant.

Unlike other platforms, Instagram is a mobile device based platform and one cannot publish content from a computer, only monitor and comment. Instagram has done this to ensure that the channel retains its unique voice and as a consequence, content marketers don’t simply spam the channel with thin content from other social media channels. This has allowed the channel a distinct voice for a distinct audience. Yet, Instagram users can share their content to other channels including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.

Why businesses love Instagram.

From major brands to local, family-run shops, businesses around the world are driving proven results with Instagram.

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MilkyWeb believes that this is also the key to how the platform is best utilised. Instagram offers brands the opportunity to create more intimate content, bringing the audience closer by showing images and content which would not ordinarily have been used on a billboard or in a magazine. We call this humanisation, an essential element of the brand’s voice today. The first primary reason brands should take to Instagram is to create a “community and culture” channel, in which brands show what it is like working at their companies, and what the companies are like.

A fundamental strategy on Instagram is to build relevant hashtags that brands can use to interact with their targeted personas. This helps fuel the discovery process of the brand on the channel.

In terms of demographics, Instagram has over 300 million users worldwide and is currently 65% female. It is attracting the younger generation with 90% under the age of 35.

For brands, this makes the channel highly relevant and allows MilkyWeb the ability to create genuinely original and native content for a highly targeted audience. Instagram is a great tool to surface the company’s culture to a wider audience and a great way to have new people discover the brand through Instagram’s social discovery features.


It’s very hard to promote the Instagram profiles or just marketing to the whole world, you will face many challenges,

If you are interested in using Instagram advertising for your business, we can put together a solid strategy.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your business succeed…

Instagram Experts Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington & New Zealand


Instagram is the perfect social media platform for creating ad campaigns which grab the attention of your target audience. We make creative ads on Instagram which deliver results for businesses of all types.


When done right, paid advertising on Instagram is a cost-effective solution for businesses to reach a large number of their target audience. We are experts in creating Instagram campaigns which deliver the best value.


A major benefit of advertising on Instagram is that it allows you to target users based on location, interests, age and much more. We create compelling Instagram ads which help you reach your customers with precision.

Instagram Marketing Auckland, Instagram Services New Zealand & Social Media Experts


We help our clients build their followers organically by pro-actively engaging with their target audiences. A like or a follow go a long way, and most times results in users following back. This is a great way to build your audience!


The key to succeeding on Instagram is posting engaging content, at the right time and the right amount of times. We can manage the content on your Instagram profile, to ensure your users are always engaging with your brand.


Paid advertising on Instagram also allows you to boost your engagement by reaching users who are interested in what you have to offer. Instagram advertising can allow you to increase your followers and likes in no time.
So why wait? Instagram success awaits you.

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