Intro SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION AUCKLAND GET STARTED TODAY Our services fall under a few different types of campaigns. We understand that every customer has different goals and expectations. During our consultation we can help identify which service makes the most sense for your business.

Why Choose us to Promote your Business ?

The question you need to ask yourself when hiring an SEO company is, “Does this company rank on page 1 of Google for competitive keywords???? Otherwise, what proof do you have that they’ll be able to do this for you? Google any SEO related keyword in Auckland and you’ll find Milkyweb on page 1. Our rankings speak for themselves.

We are guessing that you landed on this site because you wanted to find a reliable SEO company. You started Googling SEO related keywords in Auckland and ended up here. That was no accident. The process of you finding us on Google is exactly what we do for our clients. We boost their visibility and traffic so that their revenue increases exponentially.

A lot of companies talk a big game in this industry. It’s hard to know who to trust when everybody claims to know what Google wants. More importantly though, what Google doesn’t want. Anybody can put together compelling case studies and testimonials that paint their company in a positive light. The best real time proof you have is on page 1 of Google. Period.

I genuinely care about the success of every business that I work with. If I don’t believe I can provide significant value to your company, i’ll recommend somebody that can. I’m here to give you an honest evaluation about the current state of your website, and free advice on what you can do to improve things moving forward. For me, it’s all about trust, transparency and providing real value.

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Slide SEO services agency New Zealand LOCAL SEO If you’re a small to medium-sized business then showing up on Google’s local results is imperative to maximizing visibility. Ranking organically is also very important to local businesses, but showing up on Google Maps or the local 3 pack is vital to attract people in your immediate vicinity. We increase rankings on the local side by building authority and auditing your citations to make sure everything is consistent with your name, address and phone number (NAP). The days of relying on foot traffic and referrals are gone. CHEAP SEO AUCKLAND, WEB DEVELOPMENT & RELIABLE SEO SERVICES, NEW ZEALAND Without ranking on Google local your business might as well not exist. It’s time to start getting more customers through your door. M

Slide NATIONAL SEO National campaigns generally involve big businesses or eCommerce companies that need to reach a broader audience. The biggest difference between local and national campaigns are the competitiveness of the keywords being targeted and the time it takes to achieve meaningful results. Campaigns at this level involve a long-term investment and a tremendous amount of patience to be successful. When competing nationally it’s important to understand that you’ll be battling against huge brands with substantial authority and unlimited budgets. You’ll need to step up to the plate with an aggressive budget to compete in this arena. E cheap seo Auckland Rotorua and Wellington NZ

Slide ECOMMERCE SEO Whether it’s BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce, these websites are a completely different animal than informational or service related websites. Since most eCommerce sites have thousands of products across hundreds of pages, there’s a lot more room for technical issues to arise. The most common issues involve product title or description duplication, indexation, broken links and crawlability. Multiply these issues by thousands of products and it’s easy to see how quickly things can get out of hand. We work hard to untangle that mess and get things headed in the right direction so that you can rest assured that your site isn’t being held back. R cheap SEO and web development services Auckland

Slide SEO AUDITS Most web developers build sites that are aesthetically pleasing but not necessarily SEO friendly. Our job is to crawl the site and diagnose the technical issues hurting your rankings.
Once we’ve assessed the problems and prioritised them, we communicate the changes to your developer or implement them ourselves.
It’s incredibly important that your site is running optimally and not being held back by technical issues. Those issues can greatly affect your organic rankings.
Whether it’s a small service site or big eCommerce site with thousands of products, we’re ready and willing to audit any site on any platform.
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