Why Choose us to Promote your Business ?

The question you need to ask yourself when hiring an SEO company is, “Does this company rank on page 1 of Google for competitive keywords???? Otherwise, what proof do you have that they’ll be able to do this for you? Google any SEO related keyword in Auckland and you’ll find Milkyweb on page 1. Our rankings speak for themselves.

We are guessing that you landed on this site because you wanted to find a reliable SEO company. You started Googling SEO related keywords in Auckland and ended up here. That was no accident. The process of you finding us on Google is exactly what we do for our clients. We boost their visibility and traffic so that their revenue increases exponentially.

A lot of companies talk a big game in this industry. It’s hard to know who to trust when everybody claims to know what Google wants. More importantly though, what Google doesn’t want. Anybody can put together compelling case studies and testimonials that paint their company in a positive light. The best real time proof you have is on page 1 of Google. Period.

I genuinely care about the success of every business that I work with. If I don’t believe I can provide significant value to your company, i’ll recommend somebody that can. I’m here to give you an honest evaluation about the current state of your website, and free advice on what you can do to improve things moving forward. For me, it’s all about trust, transparency and providing real value.

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