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We understand the importance of converting visitor into buyer with the aid of cutting-edge design. It only takes a few seconds for a potential customer to get a lasting impression of your brand. We create aesthetically stunning that work towards meeting your marketing strategy. Our passionate digital artists are dedicated to giving you an amazing final outcome.
Mobile Apps
With a high focus on quality from concept to development, we’ll create a mobile strategy that is sure to give you a competitive edge. Specialising in mobile and tablet apps for Android and iOS, our experts will develop data driven, collaborative apps for your consumer; with insightful analytics.we provide Android Apps , iOS Apps & cross platform Apps
We work closely with our clients to gain as much insight as possible and deliver solutions that will provide a real return on investment. We build strategies base on analysing and identifying growth opportunities, which are sure to improve customer engagement by taking an active role in presenting new ideas and opportunities. Our strategies will keep you ahead of your competitors.
Avoid being outperformed by your competitor; keep your online store flourishing with our responsive and flawlessly functional eCommerce websites. We deliver powerful eCommerce platforms that are simple and easy to use, and can be completely customised to suit your business needs. Take your business to the next level with our eCommerce websites.
There is a fine line between being creative and having the right content and intuitive tools. We are passionate about creating intuitive user experience (UX), and an easy to navigate user interface (UI). We focus on what your user will want and need when developing solutions that are not only visually stunning, but also enhance the overall customer engagement.


Auckland SEO, Web Development & Digital Marketing Services

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We are MilkyWeb, Auckland based design agency. We specialise in making you look great. However big or small the creative gauntlet may be, we’re here to pick it up. As a full service agency we work with clients all over the globe on a range of creative tasks, from web design to full blown marketing campaigns and anything in between.

Dedicated to crafting stand-out brands, experiences and products that enable businesses to flourish.

Whether you’re a blogger, designer, developer, or business, we’ve got the hosting plan for you!
SEO Solutions
SEO helps your company to get to the top of the Google’s natural listings and Google Maps.
Project Management
If you just need project management on your internal / Client's project we can help you with it
Social Media
Social media design services for effectively branding your social media channels.

Product strategy

We take the time to get to know your business and goals through real conversations and design workshops. From brainstorm to execution, we strive to create an innovative end-to-end product.

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User research

Through in-depth research, we develop a holistic understanding of an audience — identifying their behaviors and genuine needs, thus uncovering new design opportunities. These insights shape our entire process and help us make informed decisions along the way.

Prototyping and user testing

Affordable SEO Auckland, Rotorua & Wellington NZ

Interactive prototypes are presented to communicate our design vision and solutions while working closely with our clients. Users test the different versions along the way and we continue to iterate to deliver a successful user-centered product.

A small and focused team providing unparalleled quality in every detail, each step of the way. Each project is led by a partner who works directly with you.

Interaction design

Social Marketing, PPC & Web Design Company, New Zealand

Small details can make — or break — a digital experience. A thoughtfully designed interaction can surprise and delight people, while also allowing them to successfully accomplish their goals.

Prototyping and user testing

Interactive prototypes are presented to communicate our design vision and solutions while working closely with our clients. Users test the different versions along the way and we continue to iterate to deliver a successful user-centered product.

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Standing for honesty, free-thinking and powerful projects, the tight-knit team at MilkyWeb work hard to build better, with an eye for detail, a belief in our abilities and a lust for life. We deliver work that is as idiosyncratic as it is outstanding whilst encouraging businesses to be themselves and leaving lasting, meaningful experiences for our clients and their audiences to build on.

“ Whether you are a retailer looking for an online store or a webmaster seeking an ecommerce solution for a client. ???
“ Integrating your search and social efforts brings better brand visibility and higher conversion rates. ???
“ The most disastrous thing that you can ever learn is your first programming language. ???

Things we can do for you

Savvy designers know that the success of a Web design isn’t determined by the code or cool visuals. Designing a winning website needs a well-thought-out online strategy motivated on reaching organizational goals – that can be anything from attracting visitors to buy products to getting the public to understand an issue to introducing visitors to a new brand.

Exceptional Service
We believe that delivering a outstanding product with exceptional service is the only way to gain your trust.
Free Consultation
If you would like to book a free consultation with us, where we can provide personalised advice for your building project,
Project Management
We are extremely proud to have been involved in many projects, results of which can be seen in our photo gallery and testimonials from satisfied customers.
Licensed Developers on Board
You our developers are all certified so every end project you get us 100% recognised by market
On Time, Budget. Guaranteed
Yes, you read that right. Our promise is that we will complete your project on time and on budget. This is backed by our guarantee.
Experience & Expertise
We believe that quality must be measureable, it must be represented in the materials and workmanship.

Five steps that explains what it’s covered in the project brief.

  • Project summary:Sketches the general overview of the project, organizational background, the environment the organization exists in, the people the organization serves and the unique value it provides to its audience.
  • Goals:What are two or three precise measurable goals that the site should accomplish? Clear goals allow our team the ability to focus on what will provide the most impact and move the business forward.
  • Target audiences:Audience profiles include demographics, psychographics, brand perceptions, audience needs, online goals and tasks routinely performed.
  • Messages:What are the key messages that attract and motivate key audiences to engage with the business? What are the key brand communications that help distinguish the organization from its peers?
  • Competition:Who are rival establishments that run similar assistances to your audience? Its an overview of competitive organizations’ Web sites, considering visual branding, messaging, navigation, calls to action and key differentiators.

Local SEO

Local SEO helps your company to get to the top of the Google’s natural listings and Google Maps.


National SEO

National SEO focuses less on ranking for specific geographic areas and more on ranking for broad keywords.


International SEO

We identify which countries you want to reach and what languages you use for business.


eMail Marketing

Online email marketing solution to manage contacts, send emails and track results. Offers plug-ins for other programs.


Social Media

Successful delivery of effective social activity, as part of an integrated digital campaign, combines science and art.


My Advertising Pays

We provide the platform that taps directly into online advertising industry and brings several different income generating resources back to you.


“ Ask yourself this question… ???

Is your business using online marketing to;

Unlike many other consultants, we really give a damn about your company. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses win online.

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  • Generate leads
  • Increase sales
  • Gain market-share
  • Online authority
  • Convince customers to take action?